Night life in Bangkok

So many of you have asked me on facebook to tell more about living in Thailand and somehow the most interesting thing for you is that kind of tourism many old men comes here for :) Well, given that I am actually gay person there is not much action here for me, but I’ll try my best to come up with a nice description of I have learned so far.

So adult tourism refers to the act of traveling with the intention to engage in sex and related activities. The city of Bangkok and Thailand at large has gained a lot from the sex trade. With sex tourism being the fuel of the tourism industry, it goes without saying that, prostitution is not illegal. This has generated an indispensable source of income for the economy of Thailand.


The tourism industry provides jobs for millions of people and this is indirectly linked to the sex trade. The government supports the industry indirectly to ensure that there is a constant flow of revenue and income for its citizens working in the tourism industry. Advertisements are made with a special appeal to portray the beauty of Thai women. This is meant to keep tourists coming to the city of Bangkok and other parts of the country.


Adult night life in Bangkok


Hotels and tour companies have specially customized sex packages offered to their customers. It is amazing how airlines, travel agencies, car rentals and hotels work together to ensure that these packages are delivered to the customers without any major hitches. bangkok-nightlifeWhat’s more, there is even a service where one can rent a wife for the period they stay in Bangkok. This is meant for tourists who are staying in Bangkok for several weeks. In addition to all that, companies have specialized sex packages for individuals and corporate businesses. There are organized sex tours which include round-trip, airfare, hotel reservations, car transport, local tour guides and with whatever number of female companions as desired. Hotels out rightly advertise the sexual services they offer and their costs. Prostitutes are rather ignored in hotels in Bangkok because they bring in customers. Classy hotels will not parade prostitutes in the lobbies, rather they do have bellboys who persuade the customers for sexual services. The clients are later accompanied to their rooms by sex workers.


Adult Tourism Possibilities in Bangkok


There are quite a number of tourist attractions hiring sex workers in the city of Bangkok. Some of these do cater for the local clientele while the rest serve foreigners. To be a little more specific, brothels and the famous tea houses serve the locals especially whereas, massage parlors, bars and nightclubs lean towards providing sex services to the foreigners. It’s important to note that the citizens are often protected shielded from the sex scenes and shows. Undercover police officers are put on patrol at most of this venues. To avoid drama, business owners only allow tourists and other foreigners into the clubs. Younger women are found in posh restaurants.


The most popular areas to find sex workers in Bangkok are the Red-light districts for instance Patpong and Nana Entertainment Plaza. Most of the sex workers here work as waitresses. Though quite a number also work as go-go dancers, hairdressers, golf caddies, salesgirls and singers in hotels and bars. The go-go bars are certainly the venues where sex workers can be found and quite easily. It is good to know that hookers are all over Bangkok city. The Red-light districts are only a major spot for them. One can find ladies on the streets such as Sukhumvit Soi 4 and Asoke road. Many tourists actually walk these streets scouting for women offering sex services. It is easy to find sex services in Bangkok. The more reason why most tourists visit the city for sex. Sex venues are located in confined areas around the city. Making it easy to find these places. These venues can be easily accessed through BTS Sky Train and the MRT subway system. Moreover, the city is friendly to the tourist. More English speakers and having English signs marking the destinations makes it enjoyable for the tourists.


Prostitution is has been part of the Thai culture for a long time. Although it is enclosed in the venues where foreigners visit in the city. The local Thai men make up the bulk of those who seek sex services in Bangkok. Do not expect to meet these Thai men in bars and clubs. They visit soapy massage parlors mainly found on the outskirts of Bangkok. There are various types of sex workers in Bangkok too. From street hookers, bar dancers, escorts, masseurs and even street walkers.


With a reasonable budget, one can get a nice enough girl and have a good time. The street hookers and the freelancers are cheaper and affordable. No bar or hotel fee to pay. It is also essential to note that a good looking lady will definitely go for much more than a hooker. Sex tourism in Bangkok is a business for many. Negotiation is allowed, but one should not expect to find a girl who will go for practically nothing. Despite the fact that you might have read how cheap sex is in Bangkok. In fact, a good attractive beautiful girl will cost up to 3 times the regular girl. Please don’t get me wrong here. I do not mean to say that getting a girl for sex is expensive in Bangkok. But it is cheaper than in most western countries and cities.


Nightlife in Bangkok


Sex nightlife in Bangkok makes its highlights in the Red-Light districts. Many tourists have had memorable nights in these venues. Good music, dances, beautiful ladies and easily available ladies willing to roll with you for the night for a price. Bangkok is at times referred to as the sex paradise. The one destination to fulfill your wildest sex fantasies. People have an array of places to visit including go-go bars, beer bars, BJ bars, massage parlors and short time rooms. With all these within reach. Tourists can only expect a time of their life. It is common to hear people saying, whether you are an amateur or an expert, Bangkok has something for you.


Some of the best areas for Nightlife in Bangkok are Sukhumvit Khaosan. Sukhumvit has been voted as the most popular nightlife area. It is sub-divided into smaller areas like Nana, Asoke, Phrom, and Phong. All of these places have good bars and a high concentration of sex workers. There is a myriad of possibilities for sex tourism in Bangkok. The industry keeps growing. It keeps becoming more diverse and unique. A destination for more than you can imagine. Well… not much there for me tho, skinny boys are not for me, blah, so I’ll just have to stick to my toys lol

Life in Bangkok

So its been almost 5 years since I made a decision to move in the capital of Thailand. Boy oh boy was my life full of adventures since then. For the last 3 years I have been working in the Bankgkok golf centre working as a couch for tourists who want to improve their golf game and also as their part time web designer and marketer (lol). Stay tuned into this blog as I will update you on a soon upcoming bangok golf tour which should attract many high level professionals and the top prize should be sky rocket high. Also I will update you on my life and my new idea on approaching things!